Welding related services

QVC offers a complete welding support service from weld procedure qualification, welder training to welder qualification, third party welder witnessing and mechanical (destructive) testing.

QVC weld test services support customers in a diverse range of industries. Our experts offer comprehensive, competent and cost-effective support. QVC represents EU notified bodies for metal construction products falling under the scope of the construction products regulation (CE mark).

What QVC can do ?

We at QVC in cooperation with its alliance partners in Europe provide following Services:

  • Auditing /certification of pressure equipment manufacturers and welding companies in accordance with:
    • PED 2014/68/EU
    • EN ISO 3834
    • EN ISO 9001
    • EN 15085-2
    • EN ISO 3834-2
  • Manufacturer certification according to DIN EN 1090: Load-bearing steel and aluminum structures
  • Auditing/ certification under CPR 305/201106 in accordance with EN 1090-1
  • Approval of welding procedure qualification (WPS) s as per ISO 15614-1
  • Certification of welders as per ISO 9606-1
  • Auditing and certification of manufacturers of welding filler material,
  • Non-destructive and destructive testing of material

Why QVC?

QVC as a Certification Body involved in Certification & assessment is

  • Impartial
  • Having trained personnel having knowledge of requirements of assessments
  • Having adequate facilities or access to facilities like testing, documentation of regulation/standards needed to perform technical & administrative tasks
  • Maintaining confidentiality of the information gained during the assessment of a particular task
  • Involved in coordination activities organized by competent organizations

Your Benefits At A Glance

With our comprehensive solutions for explosion protection you can:

  • Comply with applicable codes and standards.
  • Be sure you employ welders whose skills are verified and can follow the instructions in a given welding procedure specification.
  • Be confident that your welding procedure specification will produce a welded component with properties that satisfy the design requirements.
  • Ensure the quality of welded components.
  • Reach full compliance and certification prior to product placement.
  • Gain competitive advantage and greater market access with certification marks from an international Notified Body.
  • Reduce risk of company liability with documented safety standards.
  • Benefit from our exclusive one-stop service, covering a wide range of international certification from a single source.
  • Count on our auditors & experts to ensure compliance with the European directive and national regulations,
  • Rely on our qualified experts with extensive experience in welder testing and welding procedure qualification.
  • Benefit from our fast inspection and testing times.
  • Reduce the risk of company liability with documented safety standards.