‘Ex’ TR CU Certification for Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

The certificate of conformity for EX-proof equipment (this document is sometimes called as the Explosion Protection Certificate) is a document, which proves that duly identified Ex-proof equipment conforms to the specific standard for the type of explosion protection. All ex-proof equipment including ex-proof parts of other equipment and sets are listed in the “Nomenclature of products (works) and services, which should be certified in a mandatory manner under legislative acts of the Russian Federation”.

The ex-proof equipment certification is carried out to all goods used in ex-areas.

QVC in working as Associated Partner with Russian Accredited certification Body to provide TR CU Certifications with the largest portfolio of TR CU accreditations including Ex Products. We can convert any valid ATEX/IECEx certificate to a TR CU Certification.

It may be noted that from March 2015, the Russian GOST certification systems have expired. From March 2015 all earlier issued GOST certificates shall be converted to the TR CU (EAC) documentation for the whole Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan).

If you want to sell products for explosive atmospheres in to Russia and the new Customs Union, you will need TR CU 012/2011 “On the Safety of Products in Explosive Areas”. TR CU 012 is an export certificate required for all products to be exported to Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan that will be used within an explosive environment.  It is required for all products that carry the Ex marking on the label.

One of the rules of the new Technical Regulations of the Customs Union is that there must be an Applicant that is located in the one of the member countries.  So these certificates must be made in conjunction with an established client, distributor, or subsidiary so that the certificate can even be made.  We can offer you our services for appointing an Russian Representative to establish this relationship.

Documents Needed for Ex TR CU 012/2011 certificate:

  • ISO9001 certificate
  • Organization Chart,
  • Drawings,
  • ATEX/IECEx certificate(s) for the item
  • Photos of the label with the Ex Marking (for the Main Product as well as the components)
  • Photos of the production line, Quality Assurance manual/Policy, Manufacturer Questionnaire Operating manuals in Russian.
  • CE certificates (if applicable)

Fast and effective Ex TRCU Certification

As our experience Certification Bodies are very busy now a days and often have lead times of 10-12 weeks before they actually can start your project. Quoted certification times are just tentative, but this is on the ‘assumption’ that the product and the certification drawings are fully compliant with the Standards they are certified to, for a product being Ex TRCU Certified for Custom Union. When products don’t comply, the certification  process is held up, and on average, certification typically takes over 4-5 months. The only way to get fast Ex TRCU certification is to submit the project for certification with no non-compliances and the correct drawing and documents required for certification.

Our Experts are available at your service 24×7 to reduce the timelines and unwanted delays.

Your Benefits At A Glance

With our comprehensive solutions for explosion protection you can:

  • Reach full compliance and certification prior to product placement.
  • Gain competitive advantage and greater market access
  • Significantly reduce approval time and cost by using harmonized GOST standards and Regulations
  • Reduce risk of company liability with documented safety standards.
  • Benefit from our exclusive one-stop-shop service, covering a wide range of international certification from a single source.
  • Count on Ex experts to ensure compliance with the requirements