REGULATION (EU) 2016/426 on appliances burning gaseous fuels (repealing Directive 2009/142/EC)

In the field of gas-fired cooking appliances, QVC in cooperation with it’s EU alliance Notified Body partner, offer comprehensive services required by manufacturers for placing the CE mark on their products. We conduct informative examination of product parameters, testing and assessment of conformity to technical standards and legal regulations, and product certification. In EU Notified Body accredited testing laboratory we are able to prepare all the test gases to EN 437 – Test gases. Test pressures. Appliance categories. As a Notified Body we also conduct regular surveillance using all the methods offered by the Directive for appliances burning gaseous fuels.

Products covered

  • Gas-fired cooking appliances
  • Gas-fired heating appliances (stoves, fireplaces)
  • Air heaters and infrared heaters
  • Gas-fired water heaters (storage and instantaneous)
  • Camping equipment (lamps, heaters, grills, cookers)
  • Gas-fired appliances for laundries (washing machines, dryers, ironing machines, mangling machines)
  • Gas refrigerators
  • Gas components of industrial equipment
  • Flame burners, hand burners, soldering burners
  • Dryers, baking ovens
  • Gas-fired lighting
  • Lighters
  • … and many more

Scope of tests and assessments:

  • Product design as defined by the relevant technical regulations
  • Product parameters- (power input, efficiency
  • Safety aspects- Gas distribution system tightness, combustion product emissions, surface temperatures, safe distances, ignition and combustion stability tests, electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, etc.
  • Documentation – Drawings, technical manuals, product labels, component certificates, electrical diagrams, etc

useful links:

Gas appliances directive website on the EU portal:

Interpretative documents:

Why QVC?

QVC as a Certification Body involved in Certification & assessment is

  • Impartial
  • Having trained personnel having knowledge of requirements of assessments
  • Having adequate facilities or access to facilities like testing, documentation of regulation/standards needed to perform technical & administrative tasks
  • Maintaining confidentiality of the information gained during the assessment of a particular task
  • Involved in coordination activities organized by competent organizations

Your benefits at a glance

With our comprehensive solutions for Pressure Equipment’s Conformity Assessment you can:

  • Ensure product conformance, safety and compliance with occupational health and safety requirements in Europe and worldwide.
  • Reach full compliance and certification prior to product placement.
  • Gain competitive advantage and greater market access with certification marks from an international Notified Body.
  • Tools used for Easy Access of database, reducing waiting time for documents to be transferred between agencies through conventional methods.
  • Reduce risk of company liability with documented safety standards.
  • Benefit from our exclusive one-stop service, covering a wide range of international certification from a single source.

Count on our auditors & experts to ensure compliance with the European directive and national regulations,