Simple Pressure Vessels Directive (SPVD)- 2014/29/EU

The Simple Pressure Vessels Directive (SPVD)- 2014/29/EU  is a European directive that applies to certain types of simple pressure vessels which need to be sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

The SPVD applies to simple pressure vessels manufactured in a series. A ‘simple pressure vessel’ means any welded vessel designed to contain an internal pressure greater than 0.5 barg that is air or nitrogen, and not intended to be fired.  The maximum working pressure of the vessel can’t exceed 30 bar and the product of the working pressure (PS) and the capacity of the vessel (V) shall not exceed 10,000 bar/litre.

Depending on the type of equipment – its pressure rating multiplied by volume, or the manufacturing standard used – manufacturers may select a procedure from a range of conformity modules, which include:

  • Third-party type examination (EU Type Examination)
  • Third-party inspection (Certificate of Adequacy or Verification)

Vessels where PS x V exceeds 50 bar/litre must satisfy the essential safety requirements of the SPVD, set out in Annex I.  These must undergo a notified body assessment.

Conformity Assessment Procedure for CE Certification

We as channel partners in India to EU notified bodies carry out conformity assessment of  SPV as per following Modules

Module B: EU Type examination

Module C: Conformity to type based on internal production control

Module C1: Conformity to type based on internal production control plus supervised vessel testing

Module C2: Conformity to type based on internal production control plus supervised vessel checks at random intervals

What QVC can do ?

We at QVC in cooperation with its alliance partners in Europe provide following Services in connection with Conformity Assessment of Simple Pressure Vessel Directive: We can perform inspection to all aspects of the SPVD’s conformity modules, including:

  • EU Type Examination
  • Certificate of Adequacy
  • Certificate of Verification
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Welder approval (WPS/WPQR)

Why QVC?

QVC as a Certification Body involved in Certification & assessment is

  • Impartial
  • Having trained personnel having knowledge of requirements of assessments
  • Having adequate facilities or access to facilities like testing, documentation of regulation/standards needed to perform technical & administrative tasks
  • Maintaining confidentiality of the information gained during the assessment of a particular task
  • Involved in coordination activities organized by competent organizations

Your Benefits At A Glance

With our comprehensive solutions for Pressure Equipment’s Conformity Assessment you can:

  • Ensure product conformance, safety and compliance with occupational health and safety requirements in Europe and worldwide.
  • Reach full compliance and certification prior to product placement.
  • Gain competitive advantage and greater market access with certification marks from an international Notified Body.
  • Tools used for Easy Access of database, reducing waiting time for documents to be transferred between agencies through conventional methods.
  • Reduce risk of company liability with documented safety standards.
  • Benefit from our exclusive one-stop service, covering a wide range of international certification from a single source.
  • Count on our auditors & experts to ensure compliance with the European directive and national regulations,